KOMPROMENT DANISH BUILDING DESIGN has been nominated for the EU award SME Star Awards 2017

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KOMPROMENT DANISH BUILDING DESIGN has been nominated for the EU award SME Star Awards 2017

“The nomination is a pat on the back for a company that is not afraid to think out of the box and venture into new business areas”, says Member of the European Parliament Bendt Bendtsen about KOMPROMENT DANISH BUILDING DESIGN, which creates innovative and sustainable roof and façade solutions for the export markets

KOMPROMENT DANISH BUILDING DESIGN has been nominated for an SME Star Award 2017 in the “Start-up” category. The prize is awarded every year in November to a small or medium-sized company in one of eight categories of the EU organisation SME EUROPE (Small and Medium Entrepreneurs of Europe) as encouragement for companies that have stood out in the area of sustainability and innovation.

“I think it is important that we, in the EU, also acknowledge those small and medium-sized companies that develop new and sustainable products for the international market and contribute to generating more jobs and increased exports for Denmark – as KOMPROMENT DANISH BUILDING DESIGN has done. The nomination for SME Star Awards 2017 is meant as encouragement and a pat on the back for a company that is not afraid to think out of the box and venture into new business areas”, says Member of the European Parliament for the Danish Conservative People's Party Bendt Bendtsen, who is one of the founders of SME EUROPE.

The organisation is one of the largest of its kind and works to shape EU legislation so it supports, in the best way possible, small and medium-sized companies, which are the economic bedrock of the 28 European member states.

New company for development and exports
KOMPROMENT DANISH BUILDING DESIGN develops, manufactures and markets sustainable and innovative roof and façade systems for all kinds of structures. The company's unique Vidar Clay Shingle was Cradle-to-Cradle certified earlier this year, and the company's three new roof and façade systems, which are based on natural slate, will likewise be C2C-certified in the very near future. KOMPROMENT DANISH BUILDING DESIGN is furthermore the Danish leader in solutions that integrate solar panels directly in roofs and façades, with the help of a plug-and-play system.

“For 17 years, KOMPROMENT has worked with roof and façade products for the Danish market, but in 2016, we three owners started a whole new company, KOMPROMENT DANISH BUILDING DESIGN, which works with development and sales of new sustainable roof and façade products to be marketed and sold around the globe”, says Export Director and co-owner Niels Heidtmann.

“We launched the work by participating in the important BAU trade fair in Germany last January, and in the past five months we have signed agency agreements in six European countries, Germany, England, the Netherlands, Italy, Norway and Sweden, as well as in four US states. We are currently in the process of choosing in which countries we want to take out our patents for the new products”, Heidtmann says.

”We are very happy and proud of the nomination, and the timing could not be better now that we are about to present our ideas and solutions to the world. In a very short time, we have been able to create something that both generates jobs and exports, and I think it is really positive that the EU also has its eyes on smaller companies that could potentially become the next big success – and not only on the large, established companies”, says Niels Heidtmann.

Sustainable and innovative products
The Cradle-to-Cradle concept, which is part of the notion of a circular economy, entails that the products must meet a long list of requirements concerning material toxicity, material re-use, sustainable energy, administration of water resources and social justice. For consumers, the concept also makes economic sense, because the components making up the roof and façade systems can be re-used decades later when their service life is up.

Vidar Clay Shingle is an economical roof and façade cladding, complete with mounting system which, with a shingle slip thickness of just 14 mm, is well suited for structures with a light outer wall and lives up to the strictest insulation requirements where unnecessarily thick outer walls are not wanted.

Climate Cover is a universal system for roofs and façades based on natural slate. The system enables the integration of solar cells in line with the primary roof and façade cladding and has concealed outlets, which removes the need for roof caps.

D-Wall façade system with natural slate is the only mounting system on the market for natural slate for both roofs and façades with a 100% invisible mechanism for securing the slate, allowing for a very elegant, architectonic expression. Solar cells can also be completely integrated.

Zappa façade system for natural slate with visible attachments is Denmark's fastest mountable façade system for natural slate. The natural slate is held in place by two small slate hooks in a special design of stainless steel which matches the colour of the slate. Solar cells can be integrated in the façade.

For more information, contact:

Export Director Niels Heidtmann
Mobile: +45 5077 0452 - Email:

KOMPROMENT is a roof and façade specialist. We delivery complete solutions primarily based on natural building materials such as natural slate and clay. We are an innovative company, designing our own solutions and products – often in cooperation with architects and builders. KOMPROMENT is furthermore Denmark's leader in solar cell solutions that integrate in the weather screen.

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DK-9230 Svenstrup
Tel: +45 9652 0710
Fax: +45 9652 0111

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