KOMPROMENT receives Cradle to Cradle certification for its first product


To receive Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certification, you must prove that the product adheres to a long list of sustainability requirements within five categories: Material health, material reutilisation, renewable energy, water stewardship and social fairness. The products can then be awarded a certification in one of the five levels, from Basic to Platinum. You also commit yourself to improving the product and processes on an ongoing basis towards the platinum level.

C2C certification follows a relatively new international standard, which is becoming increasingly more popular. In January 2017, about 500 certificates were issued, covering several thousand products. The evaluation of Vidar Clay Shingles was carried out by the consultancy company Vugge til Vugge ApS, which is the only credited evaluator in the Nordic region. The evaluation was approved by the independent Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, which issues the actual certificate.

The certification process is comprehensive and stringent, and it is not limited to the materials of the products and their manufacturing method. Instead, it deals with the full life cycle, from the most distant supplier to the time in the future when the product will have to be removed and reused.

Vidar clay shingles is the first of KOMPROMENT’S products to achieve C2C certification at Silver level. Clay shingles are a relatively newly-developed cladding with the same good characteristics and appearance of tiles. However, with a thickness of just 14 mm, it is particularly suited for buildings with light outer walls that conform to the highest insulation requirements and where unnecessarily thick outer walls are not wanted. Clay Shingles are delivered as a complete system solution with an assembly system, and they come in seven colours and with three different surface structures.

Sustainability must be provable

“We have chosen a two-pronged approach to certification, where we certified Vidar Clay Shingles first because it is the product that is most well-known with architects who are taking sustainability increasingly seriously. The next step will be a certification of our roof and facade systems with natural slate, which is just around the corner,” explains KOMPROMENT’s technical director, Niels Heidtmann.

“We have chosen to pursue certification instead of starting with an LCA or EPD because, in so doing, we not only document everything, from the content in our product to our sustainable conduct, but we also receive the impartial assessment of an external institute. Our customers can use this, for example for green construction certifications. With a Cradle to Cradle certification, we can prove that our products are sustainable and that they do not contain harmful substances. This is a process that forces us to examine all our suppliers down to the smallest detail. We have also started purchasing power from wind turbines, we have changed our way of organising the raw materials in storage, we have even examined our use of waste containers and so much more. For instance, we would originally have used tanalised wood for the spacer battens in the assembly system for Clay Shingles, but during the process, we changed it to either aluminium or boiled wood, which do not pollute and can be reused,” says Niels Heidtmann.

“The cooperation with Annette Hastrup, who as the director of Vugge til Vugge has been a part of the entire development process, has influenced our entire mindset, changing our way of thinking to incorporate sustainability into the products from the very beginning. If sustainability is to be more than just a sales gimmick for the sales department, then it is important that the mindset originates from management and the owners and is rooted deep in the company’s DNA,” says Niels Heidtmann.

Strategic tools

Cradle to Cradle is not just a certification; it is also a strategic and visionary tool that is precisely suitable for permeating an entire organisation.

“The first certification is the first step towards a sustainable company that has a positive impact on the environment and society. The certification is an undertaking that we will have continuous development towards this goal. Therefore, we find that Cradle to Cradle makes sense and creates value, both for the company’s employees and for its customers,” says Annette Hastrup.

For further information, contact:

Kim Kristensen, Director of Sales and Project Sales

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KOMPROMENT specialises in roofs and facades. We deliver complete solutions, primarily based on natural construction materials such as natural slate and tiles. We are an innovative company that also develops its own solutions and products - preferably in collaboration with architects and developers. 

KOMPROMENT is also Denmark’s leading company within solar cell solutions integrated into the climate cover.

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