KOMPROMENT wins the Danish Building Industry Environment Award 2018

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The Danish Building Industry Environment Award is presented to documented sustainable products or solutions that meet one or several criteria relating to recycling, reduction of the product's environmental impact during production, use and disposal or which contribute toward creating a better indoor climate or work environment. KOMPROMENT won the award in competition with 14 other companies, including Saint-Gobain Isover, H+H Denmark A/S and Velux Denmark A/S. The award was presented by the mayor of Fredericia, Jacob Bjerregaard, at a ceremony at the BYGGERI'18 trade fair on 13 March.

KOMPROMENT has won the award for its sustainable and innovative roof and façade systems. The solutions are cradle-to-cradle (C2C) certified at silver level and are based on tile and natural slate. It is possible to integrate solar panels directly into the roof and façade solutions. All of the components of the systems can be recycled. KOMPROMENT has introduced the term 'black box' to the construction industry, which means that the façades are delivered with a box for installation, which includes information on the composition of all the materials, making it possible to recycle or reconfigure all of the components at a later point in time.

KOMPROMENT was started in 2000 by the three current owners, Niels Heidtmann and brothers Kim and Jan Kristensen, but the new, sustainable façade division is less than three years old. During this time, the company has developed a total of five C2C-certified system solutions, which are now being marketed in an initial set of 13 countries.

Proud award winners
"Here at KOMPROMENT, we are enormously proud to have won this huge national award for our work on developing sustainable construction products – not least in light of the fact that we also recently gained international recognition through an SME Star Award 2018," says export director and co-owner of KOMPROMENT, Niels Heidtmann.

"The construction sector has taken the first steps toward a more circular economy in recent years, and the Danish Building Industry Environment Award 2018 marks the fact that we are one of the companies that you can really count on in the development process. Sustainability has become a key part of our approach toward the development of new products, and I can already see that it is right at the forefront of our thought process when it comes to other things as well, such as our management of transport and suppliers," says Niels Heidtmann.

"All of the products in our façade division have cradle-to-cradle certification, and to demonstrate that we mean business, we have also appointed a sustainability manager in the company, who is tasked with ensuring that we live up to our own requirement to be a documented sustainable operation – it's not enough to just talk about environmental ambitions; actions are needed as well, and this way of thinking is going to influence everything that we do in the future," says Niels Heidtmann.

SME Star Award 2018

KOMPROMENT has also recently won an EU SME Star Award 2018 in the 'start-up' category. The prize was awarded by the EU organisation SME EUROPE. We received the surprising news at KOMPROMENT in Svenstrup in North Jutland, while in the company of the conservative member of the European Parliament Bendt Bendtsen, the Venstre party's candidate for the European Parliament in 2019, Søren Gade, the director of the Danish Construction Association, Michael H. Nielsen, the industry director of the industry association at the Danish Construction Association, Thomas Uhd, and others.

"Komproment was a sure-fire winner of the start-up award, even if they were up against a strong field of innovative companies from all across Europe. Komproment won the prize for its development of sustainable and competitive façade and roof elements that can be separated and recycled. The company is already well under way exporting its products across Europe. That's quite good going for a company that is only three years old," says Bendt Bendtsen.

KOMPROMENT's products are on display at the fair in Fredericia up until 16 March, every day from 9:30 am to 5 pm at stand no. A-1012. You can also meet the company's founders and chat with them about sustainability and solid façade solutions.


certified Vidar clay shingles are a complete roof and façade system based on 14mm-thick tiles which are suitable for buildings with light outer walls that meet the highest insulation requirements.


natural slate roof and ceiling solutions are C2C certified. Solar panels can be included as primary cladding thanks to a plug-and-play solution.

Niels Heidtmann

we are enormously proud to have won this huge national award for our work on
developing sustainable construction products," says export director Niels Heidtmann.

For further information, contact:
Export Director, Niels Heidtmann

Mobile: +45 50 77 04 52

KOMPROMENT specialises in roofs and façades. We deliver complete
solutions, primarily based on natural construction materials such as natural
slate and tiles. We are an innovative company that also develops our own solutions
and products – preferably in collaboration with architects and developers.
KOMPROMENT is also Denmark’s leading company within solar cell solutions
integrated into the building envelope.

Jellingvej 1
9230 Svenstrup
Tlf.: +45 96 52 07 10
Fax: +45 96 52 01 11

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