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Surface Grooved

Clay shingles have been developed as a light tile outer wall, ideal for both newbuilds and renovation jobs.

Clay shingles are made from some of the world’s best clay raw materials, Westerwald clay.

Clay shingles are made in 7 architect-selected colours, and each colour comes with 3 different surfaces/structures. For larger projects, you can design YOUR CLAY SHINGLES. Your own colour and own structure.

Clay shingles can be delivered as a system solution with a completed assembly system with a 100% inorganic choice of materials. The facade tiles, CLAY SHINGLES, are certified as Silver in Cradle to Cradle. After firing the Clay Shingles, the diversity of the individual colours leaves an extremely beautiful play of hues.

Clay Shingles Westerwald

  • Genuine tiles
  • 40 different colour and surface options
  • Purity of style and an elegant design
  • No maintenance - no operating costs
  • Light weight - requires no foundation
  • Long lifetime for both the tiles and the suspension system
  • Can be installed year-round

Teknisk data:

Technical data

Product nameVidar Clay Shingle Westerwald
ColourRed-Brown reduced
Item no.60-25-1
Packing1140 pcs. per. euro pallet
Weight per shingleEstimated 800 g/pcs
System weight per sqmEstimated 39 kg/sqm
Pcs. per sqm43 pcs.
Water absorption< 3,0 %
Size240 mm x 113 mm x 14 mm ( 4 mm)
Fire classA1 ( Only the Clay shingle )



Kim Kristensen

Position EN:
Project sale
Mobile: 2399 0310

Niels Heidtmann

Position EN:
Export director / partner
Mobile: 5077 0452
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